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Monthly  + Onetime 20€ Setup

Top Features:

Short Premium Domain

Simple redirect to your Website




Monthly + Onetime 20€ Setup

Top Features:

One-Page Landingpage

Customized Design

SEO optimized

FREE SSL Certificate

2x Emailadresses incl.

Incl. Content, Images, Videos

Incl. Contact Form and GDPR

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Full control for this Domain

You will be the fully owner

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With only 29,95 €
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You can try to design, share and print only
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You can rent and get a premium landingpage with short .cy domain

Normal vs. Short Domain

This domain name is too long and always combined with other words or phrases. Its hard to recognize and with that domain, you are just one from hundrets, as other dentist could register or - At the end, this long domain name doesnt make any sense for your Google Ranking

This type of domain contains the company's core message: "dentist", nothing more. There are no other additions, this domain is absolutely unique and cannot be copied, and extremely easy to remember. You will experience a huge increase in visitors through Google and marketing campaigns.

With a premium domain you can advertise your technical term as the only provider in Cyprus as a brand. 

Don't be like everyone else. Be the only one !

We do much more then domains:

Webdesign Paphos

High Class Webdesign

Optimized Webshops

Graphic Design Paphos Cyprus

Nice Graphic Design

Film Production Paphos, Cyprus

Photo- & Film Production

The benfits of 
a PINCY Landingpage

Get up to 70% more customers!

Instead of just linking your new CY domain to your website, our SEO experts create a completely independent and new small website that is filled with valuable content when you book a landing page. So two completely different websites appear on Google, your ranking is positively influenced and you win significantly more customers.

Included in the price:

- Creation of a one-page landing page in a modern design
- SSL certificate (normal price 10 € per month)
- Text conception
- Link to your websites / Facebook pages
- SEO optimization
- Update service
- 365 days customer support

Nanny and Babysitting in Paphos, Cyprus
Babysitting in Paphos

Landing Page Examples

... of course, we will modify it according to your needs ;-) Landingpage for Dentists in Cyprus - Your Barber in Cyprus

Benefits of keyword domains

You will find almost all industries and services in our inventory of generic keyword domains. Generic domains are so-called one-word domains with clearly descriptive keywords that e.g. also occur in duden, e.g. or - 
Since these "generic terms" are specifically searched for in the search engines and entered as search terms there, you, as the owner of a generic domain, have advantages over your competitors. Such domains not only have a higher level of user trust in the search results with the various search engines, but can usually also be ranked and placed very well in the search results. In addition, there are often direct streams of visitors by entering them directly into the browser.
If you are looking for the right domain for your industry, contact us without obligation. Together we will discuss the options for getting your desired domain.

Additional traffic without ad costs with Type In Traffic

easy to remember, even in advertising

important component in search engine optimization

good marketing effect compared to your competitors

high recognition effect

~ 500 € / Month



only 29,95 € / Month



You pay per click without any control and effects with a limitation to your budget


competitors can falsify advertising results by clicking on your ads


You have to know a lot about your target group, marketing and advertisement


You pay always 79,00 € per month, weather you will create
300 or 200.000 visitors!

100% safe

there is no way to falify any
results, as you will get a real SSL secured website

Market Analysis

You don't need to do anything. You just register the domain and our experts will create a website according to your mainpage.

What our clients say ...

David Penner

Thank you very much for your great support and fast development... my landing page was created within 48 hours, i saw the first result after 3 weeks

Managing Director

Silvana Watermeier

It's a absolute useful add-on to my current website and facebook page, as i can reach new clients faster and cheaper then any other advertising

Educator in Paphos



If you may visit a CY domain and you will be redirect to this page, it just notice you that this
domain is already registered by PIXPRESS LTD, but available for rent

If you rent a domain from us, the domain can be still bought by someone. In that case, 
you will get a notify and a chance to overbid that price. In case when the domain is sold
to third party, you will get a refund on your paid useage fee.

If you want to rent a domain, please fill in our order form and we will come back to you as quick as possible.
Once your payment for 12 months arrived, we will apply a landingpage or an A-RECORD to your current website (depends on the package you ordered). The contract time is 12 months. You always pay 12 months in advance. 

We provice payment solutions like PAYPAL, Credit Card or manual bank transfer.
All Prices are excl. 19% VAT.

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The green marked Domains are rented but are still for sell, if you are interested, send a bid.